The Songs

This is the page where you can find out what songs we do, and download the songbooks. Individual songs used to be downloadable separately, however, due to limited space on WordPress, just the complete songbooks are available to download, though if you do want a single file, just send me an email using the contact form at the bottom.

 Click here to download the COMPLETE 2014 songbook!

Click here to download chords for our unofficial theme song, Carnforth Station Blues!

Click here to download the 2015 songbook – up to date as of January!

The songs we have in our songbooks: (click the link for YouTube videos of the songs, they may not be in the same key as the songbooks, but it allows you to be familiar with the song)



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I can’t make any guarantee because I need to be able to find existing chords, do any tweaks, and in some cases where I can’t find anything, figure it out myself, and also it has to be a song that is at the level of the group. Whilst we do have some intermediate and advanced players, I don’t want to be throwing in songs with 25 different chords (as much as I would love that myself)

Photo Credit : Glenn Bennett