September Double Meetup!

Sorry it’s been ages since the September meetup and me posting this, just with A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival I’d been preoccupied!

The September meetup was fantastic, GREAT numbers again, seriously, it makes me so happy to have a room full of people thrashing ukes and enjoying themselves!

We just ran through the songbook, and added in Michael Dillon’s version of Folsom Prison Blues, Carnforth Station Blues to the songbook. It was also agreed that we’d have a second meetup this month for anybody wanting an extra session to get to grips with songs, which is this coming Monday, the 29th of September.

All are welcome, and I’m bringing my dad along, too, as he keeps talking about getting into the ukulele, and he’s had a uke gathering dust for a good year now, so this will be a great opportunity for me to get to talk to everyone and give advice where needed, rather than shouting “WE’LL NOW PLAY SLOOP JOHN B” over 30 people (not that I’m complaining, our group is just so BLOODY fun!!)

Also, it was great to see Gregg, Jules, Ann-Marie, Vicky and Michael at A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival on the Sunday for The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. If you weren’t there, ask anybody who attended what they thought! It’ll be great if we get a good SnUG at The Snug contingent down for next years. I’ll be bothering you all to buy tickets in person, but for more information visit (early bird tickets are still remaining)

Right, so I’ll see some of you on Monday, and if not, October 13th!



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