August’s Mega Meetup and more!

Massive apologies for not posting a blog about August’s meetup sooner, life has just been a bit hectic recently and I’ve just been reminded by Sara to put up a blog post!

Wasn’t August brilliant? It was great to see so many new faces amongst the regulars! I think there were about 30 of us there! Thanks to the Mike Gradwell for bringing some of the Morecambe lot down, and it was also great to have some of the Warton group join us too! Hopefully September will be just as busy and super fun!

On the topic of September, the September meetup will be on the 8th of September, as always, at The Snug, 6.30pm.

September is a busy month for me, because the weekend following next month’s meetup, I’ll be in Huddersfield for A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, along with other uke club regulars! It’s going to be a great weekend, as we have the formidable Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain as our massive super mega awesome headline act on the Sunday evening, and the amazingly talented Del Ray, Seattle based blues songstress extraordinaire headlining the Saturday concert. Tickets ARE still available, so it’s not too late! We have day and weekend tickets too! The more the merrier!

The other important event in September is my birthday (okay, not THAT important, but still exciting for me), on September 3rd, so if anybody fancies it, I’ll be at The Snug with friends and would love for you all to join me, bring ukes, it’ll be fun!

See you all in a fortnight’s time (ish!)



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