May Meetup, Rail Ale Trail and June Meetup!

First of all, I have a couple of apologies. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog for the past week, I should have posted earlier about the May meetup! Secondly, I’m sorry I couldn’t lead us last Monday.

On the Saturday before the May meetup, I had an asthmatic coughing fit, and managed to pull a muscle in the small of my back, just from coughing. From Sunday to Tuesday I could barely stand up, and then on Wednesday I progressed to a hobble, and then promptly fell flat on my arse whilst making dinner in the kitchen, it was like my feet had been kicked out from underneath me, and I was back to being hardly able to stand up for another day.

Thankfully that’s all behind me, and I am now up and about again (just, I still ache a fair bit and can’t bend over!) so I will be back to lead us in the June meetup! More on the June meetup at the bottom of this post!

A massive thanks to Julie who stepped in, saved the day and led the group through our songbook and even brought some new ones, Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys, classic rock tune, Status Quo’s Rocking All Over The World, Stand By Me by Ben E. King, and a favourite of mine, T Rex’s Children Of The Revolution, and apparently Gregg does a stellar Marc Bolan! I’ll get Julie to send me the chords she used, and I will add them to the song book as soon as possible!

It was great to spend time with many of the SnUG at The Snug’gers on The Snug’s May trip to the East Lancashire Heritage Railway, and drinking a fair share of the North West’s alcohol between us all! And who can believe it, none of us brought our ukes, so we couldn’t play Folsom Prison Blues on the platform!

“…I hear that train a’comin’…”

So yeah, a brilliant day and on behalf of all of us who went I’d like to say a massive thanks to Gregg and Julie for organising it!

Onto next month! Gregg and Julie are away for the second week of June, so next month’s meetup is going to be on the 3rd Monday of June! So adjust your diaries, and pass on the word.

The next meetup will be on the 16th June, same place, same time, same lovely people!

Hopefully I’ll see a lot of you before then!



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