April Meetup: Yerba, Cake and Bad Scottish Accents

As I write this update, I am nursing a teensy weensy hangover. You see, that Yerba, a collaborative brew between Hardknott Brewery & Metalman Brewery was just way too delicious. Oh, and it was 6.2%, too. It took a good hammering from us all, too! I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a little worse for wear.

Many uke clubs are held in pubs, and some of those pubs serve good beer, but I’m biased, and I think our club has the best beer of all!

Also, massive thanks to Sara who made awesomely moist and delicious cakes with Fell Brewery’s Robust Porter, a beer both Sara and I tried at the Meet The Brewer event at The Snug last Tuesday, I certainly hope there will be more of these.

It was a great night of jamming through songs, and I’m afraid I got a bit carried away going through previous months songs that we only had time to go through the songs I brought last night once. So, I will bear that in mind next month.

The songs we did last night were:

If you click on them, there’s a link to a video of them on YouTube (for The Bucket, I’ve linked to the fantastic cover by The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.) Apologies for my dreadful mock-Scottish accent during 500 Miles!

For next month, I was thinking of another classic punk tune, since I found out that there’s a bunch of punks amongst us! (me included, my dad was a punk when he was my age, and I’ve inherited that punk gene myself!)

So, if you want any requests, head over to The Songs page, there is a contact form at the bottom of the page, as I said, a punk song would be awesome, and if you want any particular song, just let me know and I will try my best to accommodate! On that page you can also download the complete songbook up to April, or individual songs!

Finally, thanks to everyone for coming along and making our group awesome. You all rock!


p.s. Please remind me to take a group photo next month!


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