The Snug Ukulele Group

Beer and ukuleles seem to go hand in hand. Well, okay, you can’t actually play the ukulele whilst drinking your beer (unless you have a straw, and who drinks beer with straws, anyway!?), but it’s always great fun meeting friends for a drink and to make music with them is even better.

This is why The Snug Ukulele Group (SnUG) got started. I mentioned to Gregg that I was considering starting a ukulele club at The Snug and if he’d be happy for that to happen. He was more than happy, and so were loads of us regulars, so much so that loads of you got ukes for Christmas, and this is where we are. We have one of the coolest uke clubs in the UK (our opinion on this may be biased, but who cares?)

I’ve set up this site so you can get access to the songs and other information about the club. You can also request songs on the page titled “The Songs”. Hooray!


Photo Credit : Glenn Bennett